It is the very essence of success in markets. People universally search for technology and software products to enable their businesses to become more efficient satisfying and productive. Most customers would purchase their products from a trusted source

That trusted expert source is INTERBEL

We are the first specialized Valued Added Distributor helping Spanish business to grow with the right Internet solution and software, which better matches their needs in terms of Communication, Security and PC LAN Management products

Why are we trusted source?

The core business of Interbel is to select the best software in each of our areas of Communication, Security and PC/LAN Management with the approaches of:



Functionality / Price

Thanks to this accuracy selecting the best products matching our customer needs, and our wide expertise and knowledge of the Spanish market, our products portfolio have become over the years number one in their category in Spain.

Our mission towards the end-users:

We help Spanish business owners to grow through e-volution, being more competitive and innovative with the best Internet software tools and solutions. We are the Top of mind awareness name for Internet solutions seekers and business users because we are the first experts in our field and we talk end users using the language of “technology for non-tech people”.

Our mission towards the partners and resellers:

We offer them a hand to hand work partnership offering them quick problem-solving services for their end-users, advancing our product, training and solutions research to their future needs.

We are the only Electronic Software Distributor (ESD) in Spain and we offer 10 minutes customer access to software keys.

We offer them all the support of an expert trusted source

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